15th Youth Summer Program on Environmental Education

On 29th to 31st of May 2019, the 15th Youth Summer Program (YSP) on Environmental Education with the theme “Youth Mobilization for Sustainable Ecosystems” was held in the Makiling Botanic Gardens (MBG), Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems (MCME), College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR), University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). YSP is an annual activity of MCME designed to promote forest conservation, public awareness, appreciation and knowledge on the importance and value of forests, plants and environment. This year, YSP activity was in collaboration with the Los Baños National High School (LBNHS), Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna and Philippine Geothermal Power Corporation (PGPC).

A total of 17 incoming Grade IX and X students and two (2) teacher coordinators participated the 3-day program.

During the opening program on May 29, 2019, inspirational messages were delivered by the Principal of LBNHS, Mr. Nelson R. Umali represented by Ms. Perpetua S. Dizon and the Associate Dean of CFNR, Engr. Ronniel D. Manalo. Highlights of the 1st day of YSP were the leveling-off activity and short discussion on environmental education facilitated by For. Myranel S. Canceran, University Research Associate II (URA II) of the Social Forestry Division (SFD) of MCME and lecture-discussions presented by the MCME Staff namely: For. Mae Belen L. Putian on Environmental Principles; For. Valeriana D. Barredo-Parducho and For. Aldin C. Alegre on Forests, Effects of Forest Degradation, Global Warming and Climate Change; For. Angela A. Limpiada on Importance of Mount Makiling as Natural Resource and its Point of Interests (POIs); For. Arnulfo D. Yanoria on Policies, Laws, and Regulations in Mount Makiling Forest Reserve (MMFR) and other mountain ecosystems; and For. Leonardo D. Barua on Introduction to Watershed. The day was concluded by an environmental film showing which was enjoyed truly by the participants.

Ms. Gillian Katherine L. Inciong, URA II of SFD-MCME, opened the 2nd day of the YSP on May 30, 2019 by presenting topics on Creative Works on Literary and Artworks and Paintings. The entire morning was devoted to creative works. In the afternoon, For. Nicasio M. Balahadia, Head of SFD-MCME discussed the Development on Environmental School/Community project. A total of four (4) outputs were submitted by the participants such as poster (collage), slogan, and essay on how a student can contribute in the protection of Mount Makiling, and environmental school projects. As part of the evening session of the program, For. Myranel S. Canceran and Ms. Gillian Katherine L. Inciong facilitated the team building activity, wherein the commitment of the participants on protecting the environment and sharing of experiences and thoughts was requested. After which, basic survival skills inside the mountain was shared by For.Tech. Nick M. Manlisis to the participants.   

One of the major highlights of the 3rd day of YSP on May 31, 2019, was the Environmental Amazing Race held in MBG. It was facilitated by For. Mae Belen L. Putian, For. Analyn C. Malayba, For. Alexis John T. Fajardo, For. Angela A. Limpiada and some ENTs. The winner of the race was Group 3: Amelanchiera Team (Jemima Keithlyn R. Concepcion, Ron Jason B. Gador, Fhiona Marie L. Nunez, Elaica Joy L. Renegado, and Bryan Ivan D. Villote). After the Race, the ENTs of MCME toured the participants inside the MBG.

Meanwhile, the output of the participants on creative works were evaluated by Ms. Gillian Katherine L. Inciong, For. Valeriana D. Barredo-Parducho, and For. Emer C. Gestiada.

The closing program shortly followed after the study tour. The following awards were given to the top 3 participants: Best Poster (collage), Best Slogan and Best Essay, which was held at the Toyota Education and Environment Theater (TEET) in MBG. The best poster (collage) was awarded to Group 1: Halaman Team (Cindy B. Barcena, Glenn Dave N. Ferrer, Irish Darrielle S. Garibay, John Paulo G. Mercado, Christian P. Ortiz, and Francis Dominic U. Puna) while the best essay and slogan were awarded to Ms. Elaica Joy L. Renegado.

After the awarding of winners, message from Dr. Willie P. Abasolo, Dean of the CFNR-UPLB was delivered. Lastly, Dr. Abaloso together with the Director of MCME, Dr. Roberto G. Visco, Deputy Director of MCME, Dr. Rogelio T. Andrada II, head of the Social Forestry Division of MCME For. Nicasio M. Balahadia and Coordinator of YSP, For. Myranel S. Canceran awarded the certificates.

The 15th Youth Summer Program was indeed a success!


Photos credit to: APPutian, LDBarua, AALimpiada, GKLInciong, and MSCanceran

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