Action Man Dr. Roberto G. Visco hits August 2017 priority targets for MCME

“Every end is a new beginning” quoted by the reappointed Deputy Director, Dr. Rogelio T. Andrada II during the turn over ceremony of the Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems (MCME) Directorship. The incumbent Director, Dr. Nathaniel C. Bantayan, and the new Director, Dr. Roberto G. Visco attended the ceremony held at the Makiling Botanic Gardens (MBG), College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR), University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), College, Laguna, on 31 July 2017.

That very same message was the departing message of MCME constituency for their beloved director, Dr. Bantayan. MCME was very grateful of him for six years of leading MCME with utmost virtuosity and audacity. Six years of being a good leader, a mentor, and a father.

July 31, 2017 marks the end of term of Dr. Bantayan’s directorship. It also marks the formal transition of office to Dr. Visco, known in UPLB as the “Action Man”.

The first month of Dir. Visco in MCME has been very programmatic, always targeting the end goal and never wasting a single moment neglected.

RGV set his term right. On the 1st day of August, he levelled off with the MCME Executive Committee. A few days later, he and Deputy Director Andrada II, were delighted with the outcome of their meeting at the PS-DBM on the commencement of PhilTrop building construction. The following day, he negotiated for more agreeable terms with the National Power Corporation (NPC) for the new ICM Project.

On August 11, RGV graced the PGPC-MCME-sponsored Livelihood Training and Techno-Demo on Meat Processing with an inspirational message. He gave assurance to the farmer beneficiaries residing at the foothill of Mount Bulalo that MCME is always open to serve and provide them technical assistance, especially in responding to issues on the Mount Makiling and Mount Bulalo. Further, he said that MCME will continue to provide them awareness, education and capacitate them by providing series of livelihood trainings. In his departing message, he emphasized his belief that there is unity among the diversity. He encouraged them to brace themselves as one and keep being active and united.

Wanting to know his constituency’s expectations, RGV called a general assembly at the MBG Pavilion on August 15. RGV have learned of the MCME administrative and REPS’ concerns needing his prompt attentions and actions. In turn, the MCME constituency have learned of RGV’s traits and personality. He does treasure time element with high degree of strictness. He is accommodating and approachable person, and at times, can serve as a counselor who can be relied on.

The Director also never missed paying courtesy among the LGU stakeholders surrounding Mount Makiling; with the Mayor of Los Baños, Hon. Caesar Perez; of Calamba, Hon. Justin Marc SB. Chipeco; of Bay, Laguna, Hon. Bruno Ramos; and of Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Hon. Edna Sanchez.

RGV never want to miss a single important thing in the office. He ordered to probe for the standing requests and issues, delegates tasks to respective unit of the office and provide guidance to achieve a more efficient and effective result.

The 18th of August was his most special day as he celebrates his birthday.  Looking back on August and looking forward to more months to come, welcoming the Action Man is never late.

Happy birthday and welcome Director Visco, our new leader, mentor, and father!


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