Empowering Youth with Educational Awareness during the Second Environmental Education Program of 2023

The second Environmental Education Program 2023 happened in Malinta Elementary School on September 15, 2023. There were 227 participants in the program coming from two sections of Grades 4, 5, and 6. The programs started with a prayer followed by the opening remarks from For. Nicasio M. Balahadia.

In his opening remarks, For. Balahadia mentioned the importance of protecting the environment, particularly the Mount Makiling Forest Reserve (MMFR) which is the source of numerous ecological services for all the communities around it. The program proceeded to a pre-evaluation where the students were asked about their expectations from the program. The students mentioned that they expect to learn about the environment including how to protect and clean it. The project team then showed an environmental movie called “Moana” which depicts the relationship between humans and the environment. The story’s moral emphasizes that humans should try to protect the heart of the environment; if not, the environment or mother nature will be the one to cause disaster to the people. Additionally, the team also played the movie “Home Along da Riber” and the audio-visual presentation of the group el Gama Penumbra whose performance centered on the same topic. A lecture on the importance of MMFR as a natural resource was also discussed by the project team with emphasis on the crucial role of the mountain not only in the lives of the people depending on it but also as a home to the living flora and fauna.

The program concludes by assessing the students’ learning through a post-evaluation and a closing remark to thank the students and the teachers for participating in the program.

By KPGonzalvo

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