MMFR Ad Hoc Interagency Buffer Zone Committee Meet in Bagac, Bataan

The MMFR Ad Hoc Interagency Buffer Zone Committee conducted a land use recommendations culminating workshop from September 3 to 5, 2015. The activity was attended by thirty-two (32) participants representing various stakeholders of Mt Makiling and its buffer zone. The National Power Corporation hosted the activity and conducted at the NPC Hotel and Resort Training Center in Bagac, Bataan.

Foresters Emmanuel R. Regondola and Nathaniel Bantayan of NPC-Makiling Banahaw Watershed Team and Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems welcomed the guests with an opening note on the importance of having a well maintained, protected, and conserved Mt Makiling and its importance in the lives of people depending on the mountain’s resources.

Day 1 highlights the presentation of LGUs’ outputs of previous mentoring activities on land use statistics and corresponding recommendations. Land use recommendations show a trend towards sustainable multiple use. Most notable of LGU recommendations include establishment of greenbelt areas and tree parks; mixed residential-agricultural land uses; mixed annual crops; and agroforestry farms for built-up areas. In areas with existing forests, recommendations include tree planting and nurturing sites; ecotourism; and agroforestry.

Day 2 highlights the presentation of a draft implementing rules and regulations for Proclamation No. 1257 was presented. Each section was scrutinized by the committee members during the workshop. Copies of the draft IRR was circulated for further review.

The workshop concluded with a field trip to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, La Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, and Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower on Day 3.

by Mae Belen C. Llanza

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