Please be guided! Access Protocol along the Mariang Makiling Trail (MMT)


Mount Makiling Forest Reserve ASEAN Heritage Park


  1. NO VALID ID, NO ENTRY. All visitors must LEAVE ONE (1) VALID ID upon registration at Mount Makiling Forest Reserve (MMFR) Monitoring Station 1 (MMT Station 1).  ID shall only be released after all the visitors or members of his/her group have logged out.
  2. OPENING AND CLOSING TIME. Mariang Makiling Trail (MMT) is OPEN FROM 6:00 AM TO 2:00 PM. Hiking cut-off time to Peak 2 is 9:00 AM.  No visitors shall be allowed to enter MMT beyond 2:00 PM, except for CAMPERS WITH ISSUED PERMIT who ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER UNTIL 4:00 PM. Hiking to Peak 3 is not allowed via Station 1 of MMT.
  3. REGISTRATION PROCEDURES. Visitor/s may register and book their activities ONLINE OR IN PERSON at the Monitoring Station 1 and pay appropriate fees thereat. By registering, each visitor waives his/her rights and claims against the University of the Philippines (UPLB) for any untoward incident resulting in injury, loss of life and property.
  4. ENTRANCE AND CAMPING FEE. Payments should be made at the Monitoring Station 1. Each visitor must PAY AN ENTRANCE FEE OF PhP 10.00 PER PERSON. Camping fee at Makiling Rainforest Park (MRP) on regular days is PhP500 per group per night excluding other fees. Entrance passes and tickets shall be kept for inspection while inside MMFR.
  5. SECURE NECESSARY PERMIT/S. Permits shall be secured from the MCME Director’s Office prior to the conduct of activity. Processing of permits is (a) 10 working days for film shooting; (b) five (5) working days for photoshoots and field-based research; and (c) three (3) working days for ecotourism-related activities (please refer to for detailed rules in securing permit for each activity). Letter request and pertinent requirements can be sent through email at or handed personally at the MCME Director’s Office. Follow up for inquiry can be also be done online or through calls at (049) 536-3572 or (049) 536-2577.
  6. PROHIBITED ITEMS. Unauthorized materials (to include but not limited to portable sound systems, construction materials, liquor, dangerous drugs, deadly weapons like firearms and other bladed and pointed materials, and other items that can cause harmful effect/s to forest resources) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in MMFR. (a) Visitor/s must submit bags and other belongings for inspection by the security personnel or designated/authorized security personnel. (b) All unauthorized materials/equipment must be deposited at the Monitoring Station 1.
  7. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED. Wildlife are very sensitive and their behavior may be affected by even the slightest noise disturbance induced by other animals or their fecal droppings might bring diseases to wildlife.
  8. COORDINATE ALL ACTIVITIES. (a) RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES other than hiking and birdwatching like camping, location, and photo shooting are allowed provided the necessary permits have been secured and the corresponding fees have been paid prior to the activity. UPLB constituents may be allowed free access to MMFR. (b) For ON FIELD REGULAR CLASS EXERCISES, the professors/designated overseer must supervise the class activity. (c) For FIELD-BASED RESEARCH, the student/s must provide a copy of the approved permit to the person-on-duty at the MMT Station 1 and surrender a valid ID for the group. They are also required to register. Non-UPLB field-based research will be granted access upon submission of an approved permit and payment of entrance fee.
  9. AUTHORIZED VEHICLES AND ENTRY OF MMFR STAKEHOLDERS. Only vehicles with approved permit from the MCME Director shall be allowed entry.  The Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau staff, together with their visitor/s, has to coordinate their activities in advance but shall also log in at Monitoring Station 1. Free entry also applies to all community members whose vehicle/s has/have been registered and are properly documented in MCME. The person-on-duty shall record the vehicle’s plate number, names of passengers, and time and date of entry/exit. Smoke belching vehicles or motorcycles with open pipes and portable sound systems that may contribute to air and noise pollution, respectively, shall be ban from entering the MMT.
  10. BRIEFING.All visitors are required to undergo briefing procedures.


  1. EXITING IN MMT STATION 1 FROM MAKILING TRAVERSE. The exit of visitors who traverse MMFR MMT via Sto. Tomas access point but want to go out of the MMT Monitoring Station 1 must be properly coordinated in MMT Station 1 by the coordinating organization from the point of origin. He/She/They will be required to register for proper documentation. Also, the person-on-duty has to conduct a background check of the visitor/s to make sure that he/she/they entered legitimately. Proper sanction/s will be given to trespassers.
  2. TRANSPORTING GOODS. All products to be transported from the MMFR using a vehicle shall be covered by an exit permit from MCME. A list of items for transport and the exit time shall be communicated to the person-on-duty. All goods/items to be transported will be subject for inspection.
  3. CLOSING HOURS. All persons entering MMT must LOG-OUT AT OR BEFORE 4:00 PM at MMT Station 1 except for those with valid permit or all other activities that were previously coordinated.



VISITORS ALLOWED ACCESS TO MMFR MUST OBEY the aforementioned protocol while inside the MMFR.

Emergency and rescue hotline number/s:

MMT Monitoring Station 1      :               0908-9881-778

UP Police Force                           :               536 – 2803

UP University Health Service  :               536-6238; 536-2470 loc 108


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