Sampaguita is MBG’s Plant of the Month for May 2019

The Makiling Botanic Gardens (MBG) Plant of the Month (POM) for May 2019 is the “sampaguita” or scientifically known as Jasminum sambac (L.) Ait. It belongs to family Oleaceae. It is native to Bhutan, Bangladesh Indian, and Pakistan but much cultivated in South and Southeast Asia. Sampaguita is derived from the words “sampai kita” which means “I promise you.”

Sampaguita is propagated asexually through cuttings, layering and marcotting. Its oil can be used to make perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, deodorants, and more. It is also popularly used as herbal medicine.

Trivia: Sampaguita was declared as a national flower here in the Philippines through Proclamation No. 652 on 1st of February 1934, issued by American Governor General Frank Murphy.

Come, visit and explore MBG and see for yourself the beautiful and fragrant sampaguita!

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