Pitogo is MBG’s Plant of the Month for June 2019

Cycas riuminiana Porte ex Regel also known as “Pitogo” is the Makiling Botanic Gardens Plant of the Month for June 2019. Pitogo belongs to family Cycadaceae and can be found in the Malaya, Polynesia and in the Philippines. It is still largely populated in Mt. Arayat and Mt. Dipalayag, Philippines.

Pitogo has a wide range of uses. It can be used as medicine (i.e. resin, seed, fruits, bark, leaves), aphrodisiac and stimulant (i.e. bracts), edible seed (when treated properly), vegetables (i.e. leaves), and “sago” (i.e. starch from trunk).

Pitogo can be seen in the MBG, so come and visit us and know more about Pitogo!

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