Tindalo is MBG’s Plant of the Month for April 2022

The Makiling Botanic Gardens (MBG) Plant of the Month (POM) for April 2022 is the Tindalo, scientifically known as Afzelia rhomboidea (Blanco) Vidal from the family Leguminosae and is native to the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The tree can be identified by its morphological features. Tindalo’s leaves are even-pinnately alternate with oppositely arranged leaflets (usually 8), ovate-oblong to elliptic in shapes. The tree’s flowers are in panicles either terminal or axillary. The calyx is green with yellowish red petals and numerous stamens. Its fruit is a thick woody pod containing about 8 black seeds, the lower half is enclosed with orange-red aril. Mature fruits are observed during the months of April and May. Tindalo’s has an outer bark that is yellowish-brown in color with lenticels. The wood of this tree can be used for high-grade furniture and interior finish.

Did you know?

Tindalo trees enhance soil fertility through nitrogen-fixing.

Watch the video below to learn more:

by AALimpiada and ACMalayba

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